Agent 4573 was founded by leading Sunshine coast real estate agent Jodie Curran. With over 10 years of experience, Jodie wanted to create a contemporary alternative for buying and selling property that streamlines the process, delivers efficient outcomes and provides a positive experience for everyone involved.

Testament to Jodie’s vision and insight is the fact that most of Jodie’s clients become her raving fans. Click here to find out exactly what they say.


Why choose us...


These are just some of the words our clients have used to describe our approach to real estate.

In any industry — particularly the competitive arena of real estate — client feedback is everything. And that’s what makes agent4573 unique, and what makes us most proud.

We do everything in our power to go the extra mile, ensuring our clients get a highly personalised, boutique real estate experience with the best possible outcome.

Our model works and the results speak for themselves and we never forget we’re working for YOU.